Monday, June 24, 2013


Hello Ladies and Gents... if you're out there :) Things are slowly starting to settle back down, I think. The wedding is OVER, the birthday is OVER, the cleaning is over. Just have to finish up costumes, Photo Albums and photo prints and photo edits (sigh, this will take forever to do)

My brother is getting a really sweet deal on this whole thing from me. He's getting all of the work done for the bargain price of $500 rather than $4000. Ink is very expensive I am learning.

But, despite all of that, I actually surprise myself at how good I can be at photography and designing... I guess it's true what we all do. We are our own worst critique.

So far my absolute favorite shot of the wedding is of one that was taken where Jacob proposed to Dada. An adorable little pond with a small waterfall near a band-shell.

Once again, I made my little brother cry.... (How mean am i???)

Some days, I actually do love my family...

And now we are on to our regularly scheduled business!!! (Do not fret! I shall be back with more stories of woe and tragedy soon!!)

This weeks Sketch is Sponsored by Sweet N Sassy!

I had a blast working with this one. I love the little clown! Our prize is 3 digi's of your choice from Sweet N Sassy!!!

Best of luck!!

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  1. Hi Lauri, I love your card, the bunch of balloons are fab!
    And your photo is stunning! I wish I had photography skills like that!



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