Monday, April 1, 2013

Learning Experiences......

This weeks SALS sketch proved to be a bit of a challenge for me. I had this fantastic digi, and a really great sketch but for whatever reason I could NOT make them mix.

I tried everything from paper changes, color changes, various other shapes, frames, ribbons, buttons, etc. I couldn't get anything to work.

Brought it over to Cheryl's and voila. Something finally worked. She had a die that I didn't have that worked perfectly behind little frogger here.

So, my card is finished, BUT, I couldn't post it until today because everything in my office is buried.

This weeks lesson: Don't procrastinate!


Late Wednesday, I gutted my closet. Took everything out, went through every scrap of clothing, and tossed a LOT of garbage. We call this PURGING. Good Will will be here tomorrow. Four 33 gallon leaf bags full of clothing, one full of shoes, and a Christmas tree.

While I was doing this little cleaning project, I got the idea to build an organizer in there while I was at it. I got it all put together, but then hit a spot where I needed help and had to wait for the husband to get home and help me. There went another day, by now it's Friday.

There were these shelf supports in the wall we had to remove. Once they were down I looked at them and cringed. They were scary looking. Each one had about eight 4" long nails sticking out the back and they both took chunks of the walls when they came down. The stores were all closed since it was about 10pm.

It's now Saturday. Had to fix the holes. Figured while I am doing this, I'll take it one step further and paint the walls. Still had to wait for the spackle to dry so I picked out a nice shade of medium blue, grabbed some LED lights, and went home.

It's now Sunday. Hubby had to do some things for work, so I went to spend Easter with Cheryl, Draisey, and Paul. Had a wonderful dinner.

Came home, sanded and painted. As I sit here writing this post, I have the fans blowing full blast to hurry the drying process. If you actually read through all this, thank you. :) I'm still watching the paint dry, but eh I'm actually getting bored.

As always my friends, enjoy! And don't forget to  join us next week for a new SALS Sketch!!!

Have a wonderful new week! Keep an eye out here, I have a really funny story to tell ya'll tomorrow!!

Love always,

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  1. Love your card, Lauri! I've had times like that when whatever I did to a card, it just didn't feel right, but you pulled it through and made it perfect! I love that image! So cute!
    visit my blog @ sandy's crafty creations


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