Wednesday, December 12, 2012

PSC59: Anything Goes w/Christmas - Lauri

Greetings! I've created another card for the Perfect Sentiments Challenge: Anything goes with christmas.

Nothing special was used except-I must say I'm darn proud here-my wonderful, fantastic, amazing, yummy CRAYOLA pencils!! Yes!! I am a crayola addict!! Precious crayola...precious... ..crayola...mine...

EEeek! Back to reality! Simple blue glitter paper. Cream textured cardstock. Brown ribbon for the trim and the bow. The bow, however, was made by hand. I don't use a bowmaker or a fork. That's cheating!!!!! :)

The little snowman is from Sween-n-Sassy. Colored with my Crayolas...  mmm Crayola, my precious crayola....


  1. Ok you're way too the card though :)

  2. LOL! How cute. Can I send my ribbons to you to make bows for me. I'm so bow challenged. Cute image and great coloring! Thanks for joining at at Perfect Sentiments this week. Good luck.

  3. Any time Margaret! I have a little trick I'll have to email you once Cheryl releases me from captivity. We pulled an all nighter designing cards and other things.

    I truly appreciate the compliments!


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