Monday, December 3, 2012

Card making spree!!!

So while Cheryl was busy Casing someone elses cards, I was busy casing hers! I made slight variations to add my own style.

Another that I created last night was this beautiful rose card. The main part of the rose is on the left side, to close the card, I used a velcro dot to try and close the card. Ended up having to put a little belly-band on to keep it shut.

Cheryl and I are starting to be a bit predictable as to where we are when the work-a-day is over. We are both on the computer via Skype, either playing GuildWars 2 or both of us are sitting in our respective craft rooms crafting away.

I owe Cheryl so much, way to much than I can ever repay. She has brought my inner artist back out to play. This makes my husband happy in that I am busy all day long. However, I have put a SERIOUS dent into the checkbook while trying to get the things set up. (I think we are good for a little while :))

So, after another little "shopping spree" today. This is what I decided to make. Once again, I've shocked Cheryl by not creating a BLUE card.

Enjoy! Happy Monday!!

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  1. Be honest now...TECHNICALLY there's a little blue in the paper you made the flower from... :P Love you hon - this card turned out great!


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