Thursday, April 21, 2011

365 Cards Day 52 - Spring Cleaning

Today's challenge:

1) 2 pieces of patterned paper you've had for at least a year.
2) Something - anything - that you've had for as long as you've been scrapping (this can even be a tool)
3) Ribbon that you've had for at least 2 years (or as close to 2 years as possible)

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Bazill Cardstock - Black
Paper is I think from the Rock Star 8x8 pad 
I've had this stamp for about 5 years - before I really started scrapping
The ribbon is from my Christmas wrapping box!


  1. Very nice! I've had to keep myself from buying those paper "stacks" or pads because I never use it all! But it's nice to have a challenge like this to help me use it up :-)


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