Sunday, October 26, 2014

Autumn Birthday

Hello all, I have been busy making crafts with the residents at an Assisted Living facility including the memory care unit. I made this card for one of the company bosses of my apartment complex.  I always seem to do something silly when doing a craft. Cheryl now calls my stupid moves."Draiseying it." This means you push to hard, run the adhesive off the card or like this time I adhered the entire card on backwards. I also touched the stamp to card and left a microscopic brown dot. I didn't want a smudge on the crisp cream paper so I added fallen leaves to cover it.  Remember what Tim Holz's says, "Mistakes are just another chance for embellishments."  I do these thing because I work too fast. I don't know why I rush but I do. Words to live by, when working on a project work smarter and not faster. 

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