Monday, August 19, 2013

Seems A Little Sketch 46 (& Shore Leave 2013)

Greetings everyone!

This weeks sketch was inspiring!! I love the drawings we had available. I chose to do a Christmas one because Cheryl and I have a craft fair coming up in a couple weeks and I need some stock.

All of these sketches and design teams make for great creativity outlets!

This weeks drawing is Sponsored by Squigglefly

Prize: 3 digi images

My card design:

Good luck to you and I cannot wait to see what you create! 

Shore Leave 2013!!!!!

So, about my trip to Baltimore MD. We had a blast! I got to meet a few celebrities, Amanda Tapping, Eddie McClintock and a couple others. It's odd, but whenever I take photos, they come out clear. When anyone else does it, it's a bit blurry. lol

Amanda Tapping

Eddie McClintock

Neil Grayston

Hubby came in on Friday evening. He didn't stay for the "after party" of our awards ceremony. But, I sure did!! :) Sadly I was a bit under the weather on Saturday, so we didn't get to do much. (A bit too much alcohol on Friday evening....No pics to be posted so I cannot be blackmailed!) All in all, we had a very fun time together.

As always


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