Monday, July 29, 2013

Really bad habits!! (pt 2)

So many of you know that back in May my little brother got married. The story goes:

In December I was asked to make their wedding invitations. No problem!!! I jumped on it! Spent a few days designing the card itself. Got them all made and then told my brother they were completed in February. In the meantime, I get drafted to be a brides made, AND help with the planning of the wedding AND the photography AND the coordinating of the people, i.e. who will walk where, etc etc.

*sigh* He's lucky I love him so much.

One month went by (March).

Jacob, your wedding invites are done. Do you have a guest list? Where will the ceremony be held? What time?

Another month went by (April).

Jacob, your wedding invites are done. I need a guest list and addresses? Where will the ceremony be held? What time?

And yet another month went by, it's now MAY. Their wedding date is set for May 25th. May 5th I get a phone call. They've decided to hold the ceremony at a local park, reception to follow at a later date. I advised him that because it took him SO long to get the info to me, he wont have very many guests. He was OK with that.

Needless to day, if it hadn't been for me, their wedding would have been a MESS. This is not conceit talking, this is guests and family alike telling me that I did a great job coordinating everything.

Everything went off without a hitch! Sorta. The aunts planned a last minute reception at the grandma's house and never bothered to tell me until after the ceremony. *bang head here*

We went anyway :)

So, here is an extra copy of the original invite. Note the blank card to the right, this was supposed to have instructions as to how to get to the park, but I never had time to put that together. I'd bang my head again here, but I already gave myself a headache. LOL

I had the thank you cards completed in a week. Still waiting for them to come and pick them up.... I'm taking my time on the wedding album. No telling when they'll be able to come and get that...LOL As I said, I love my little brother.

Congratulations to Jacob and Dada Labelle.

Love always

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