Thursday, January 17, 2013

One Down 149 to Go!

Whew!  Ok the design for the wedding invitation is done!  When Lauri came over last night she had a bit of an idea in her head but wasn't sure how to make what she was visualizing.  Once she explained to me what she was thinking I was able to create the little booklet she was thinking of, then it was just a matter of the layouts.  Here is a complete view of our creation.  I think it turned out just gorgeous and am glad that they are hand delivering them because they are pretty heavy...

I wish you could see the gorgeous paper these are made from - the bride chose a beautiful pearlized paper with a swirl pattern in it - it's what you see as the sheen in this picture below, but it just doesn't do it justice.

I love the ragged blue edge Lauri put on this...

The invitation itself will go inside the folded piece on the left and the RSVP will go on the card in the pocket on the right.  We decided to tie it shut with the ribbon that the bride selected.

Thanks for taking a peek!

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