Thursday, September 27, 2012

Our Daily Bread Designs Bible Verse Thursday #48 - Worry

"Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life?"  ~Luke 12:25

Short and sweet for you today.  Are you a worrier?  I come from a long line of worriers - it's in my blood.  I learned from a young age to worry about everything from what I said to what other people were going through.  Sometimes it's a blessing, sometimes it just causes me more stress than I can handle.

Do not worry!  It's such an easy thing to say.  In this passage Luke goes on to say "since you cannot do this little thing, why do you worry about the rest?"  HA!  Wow, every time I read this passage I shake my head and feel like it was somehow written just for me.  At every stage of life there are things we allow ourselves to worry about.  But when we fall into the worry trap we waste precious energy that could be channeled into more productive activity.  But even more grievous is the fact that when we worry we are letting ourselves give in to our lack of faith in God's ability to take care of us.

When I read verse 24 I wonder where we draw the line between worry and personal responsibility. I don’t believe God means for us to throw all caution to the wind and live irresponsibly, expecting God and/or other people to pick up the slack. From the time Adam and Eve were cast out of the Garden of Eden until now man has been under the curse of a fallen world. Each must labor and deal with the thorns in his/her field. Even the birds have to gather their own food.

But it's one thing to have to work and quite another to render ourselves unable to work because of undue fretting and worry. We can trust God to be faithful and to bless our efforts, so that we may eat the fruit of our hands.

Lord help us always to trust in your ability to provide and your eagerness to do so.

Your challenge this week is to use this scripture or another verse to create a project that tells us not to worry.  When uploading your project, please use keyword ODBDBVT48 and then hop over to Our Daily Bread Designs Forum and share it with us!

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