Monday, May 27, 2013

Leaving a Legacy

Oh wow, I'm sooo late with this one!  This is the art journal page I created a couple of weeks ago for Patter's Hymn & Scripture Challenge.  This round the Hymn chosen was Faith of Our Fathers.  A familiar and traditional hymn known by pretty much anyone who's been to church.  Check out Patter's write up to find out the history behind this great hymn.

Seeing as how my "other" hobby is genealogy, I have done quite a bit of research into the religious background of those family lines I've been studying.  Mostly they are my paternal ancestors and I have several religious heritages on that side.  Oddly, my Catholic background comes not from my Irish or German ancestors, but my Bohemian ones (on mom's side).   My Irish family moved north in the 1790s because they were opposed to slavery, my Polish/German family moved to America during the time when Tsarist Russia was moving in on Polish territory.  They all brought with them their strong Christian beliefs and while their religious practices might not be the same as mine are they helped shape the faith communities they lived in at the time by building churches, donating land, and furnishing their faith community with things that were needed.  It's amazing to see how the history of the family has always included a strong connection to God and his children.  Even after the church buildings have crumbled, the legacy left behind by the acts of faith my ancestors committed will remain strong.


  1. Love it! NIcely done!!!

  2. This is nice... I do like the image of the praying hands to go with the hymn.

  3. Wonderful work, Cheryl! I guess I'm even later then you were! lol...Nancy :o)


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