Monday, April 15, 2013

Seems A Little Sketchy - Sketch 37 (April Fools?)

Welcome to Seems A Little Sketchy's Sketch 37!!!!

Tess has once again created a fantastic sketch for us to follow. Doesn't she do great work?

This weeks prize is winners choice of 5 digi stamps from Whimsy Stamps!

I went and checked them out and they have some fantastic stuff over there. So put together your cards and post them!! You could be chosen!!

As always, enjoy!!

This is NOT an April Fools joke!!

My beloved cat, Meischka, who is 15, somehow got himself into a bit of a pickle. Don't know how he managed to do it, but he got inside the furnace. I heard him meowing rather loudly, which usually means, help! I looked up and around at the ventilation but didn't see him. I swear, at this point he was up top. Could not find him anywhere. So I went back upstairs.

10 Minutes and loud meowing later...

I went back downstairs. At this point, the meowing was coming from the floor area. So, I looked around the base of the furnace, moved boxes and everything. Even had a flashlight, no cat.

He meowed again.

I looked down. At first my brain didn't make sense of what I was seeing, but once it did, I laughed.

Poor Meischka had somehow crawled into the ventilation and down into the furnace. He had torn apart the filter and pulled it inside with him so the slot was open.

Meischka was trying so hard to get OUT of the spot that he had wedged his front leg and part of his face into the filter opening. Needless to say, I booked it up stairs to turn the furnace off.

Next project, get the cat OUT of the furnace. Called the Electric company, they referred me to the Gas company. Gas company, referred me to animal control. Animal control referred me to pest control. They all asked, "is it still alive?"

MEOW! Yes, the cat is alive.

Eventually I tried to take the furnace apart. Opened the front panels and removed them, and out popped his little grey head followed by the rest of his boy.

Don't know how he does it but he sure does get himself into some pretty interesting places...and gets stuck more often than not.


  1. OOh Lauri I LOVE this!!! Great mix of patterns and the stitching is wonderful. - Oh and I guess the blue is ok :P...

  2. Oh my! Funny story about your cat! So glad though that you were home, heard him and got him out. I hate with places that should be able to help you tell you to call someone else. Ugh. One of our cats followed my hubby up the attic ladder and almost got between the walls of the house. Hubby saw him and shooed him back down stairs real fast. Cats! Love your card, Lauri! It is so pretty, the roses are beautiful and the bow too!
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