Saturday, December 15, 2012

7 Days of Giveaways...Share the Memories Blog Hop!

Happy holidays to you! Seriously, I love this software. It is one of the greatest perks of being a blogger that I was provided a copy of My Memories to review for all of you! And I love being able to give the gift of My Memories to someone else! 

Why do I love My Memories? Digital scrapbooking is so much cheaper and so much less messy than the traditional methods! I have hundreds of papers, tapes, flowers, ribbons, and other embellishments at my fingertips with nothing to clean up! I can do it anywhere I can take my laptop - in the living room, at a coffeeshop, at the's so great to be able to just flip open my laptop whenever I have a little time and create!

So you're not a big scrapbooker?  Neither am I.  I don't have kids (though the dogs provide lots of pics) and I don't take a lot of pictures.  So what in the world do I use a digital scrapbooking software for?  There are TONS of other papercrafts you can make with MyMemories.  I use it to print out background papers and embellishments for all of my "other" papercraft projects.  It's so easy to click on a paper you like in the software and print it out.  No running to the store to find the right paper, no need for storage space because it's on your computer, and best of all - you never run out of that paper because you can print it over and over and over!  

But that's just digital scrapbooking & crafting, what about the software itself? 

My Memories is easy and fun! There is no 400 page manual here because you just don't need it! You can take minutes and create amazing layouts! As a matter of fact, My Memories holds a speed scrap on their Facebook page every Sunday where you take a few minutes for each step, and they walk you through making a great page.  Super cool, easy and fun!

You don't have to purchase your kits from MyMemories - though they have literally thousands of kits by amazing designers.  The great thing about this software is that besides all the great kits you can get from the MyMemories store, you can use any other digital kit that you find out there with the software.

As a matter of fact, I used a non-affiliated kit to create this card:

Just create in the software and print...Voila!  This card took me all of 5 minutes and since the kit I used was free it cost me nothing but the piece of cardstock I printed it on and a little ink.

They also have kits called "Craftables" which are templates for creating different paper crafts, like these cute little trees:

You can get the free kit to make these little trees by clicking the link at the top of my sidebar.

Don't get me wrong...MyMemories software makes creating amazing scrapbook pages in just minutes so simple even I can do it :)  Here's one I just put together using just a couple of pictures and some elements from several kits mixed together (Season's Greetings, Santa's Time, Merry Christmas Word Art)


Plus, they are constantly looking for ways to improve the software.  Version 4 just came out in November and the improvements are amazing.  New to Version 4 you can recolor photos and anything else you bring in under the photo tab! Yes, that means paper and elements, although pre-shadowed elements work best for this (it tends to shadow around the box, great for papers, not so much when you're using a button, and just to clarify, this ONLY happens when you bring an embellishment in under the photo tab). I was never really missing this feature, as I love to search for that perfect thing from my stash, but for those of you who were, it's now available! 

There are great designer kits included, along with the very basics that came with the software from the beginning! There are ripped photo effects and cool photo tiling! There are probably features I haven't even discovered yet because this version is just a little more than two weeks old! 

So if you'd like to get your hands on your very own copy, comment here before Saturday, December 22 letting me know what you would make with My Memories! 

For a second entry, stop by the My Memories store and tell me your favorite kit in another comment! 

And just because I love my followers, leave me a third comment if you follow my blog for a third entry! That's 3 possible entries on my blog alone! Don't forget there are six other bloggers hosting giveaways this week! Visit them all for at least six more chances to win My Memories Suite Version 4! 

Good luck and Happy Holidays!

(by the way I also made my signature block blog header and background using MyMemories! Lacy Christmas kit)

Just can't wait a week to see if you won and start scrapping? You can use my code in the sidebar STMMMS88084 to get My Memories Suite Version 4 for $29.97! Plus a $10 credit to the My Memories store! 


  1. I would use this to make cards as I love making cards to send, and for scrap booking.

  2. I think my favorite kit is the Farm Kit and I love the silver red photo book.

  3. Thanks for taking the time to point out a lot of the features of this software - it's on my List for the new year! I am in the process of taking out my kids photos from those sticky-paged photo albums and putting them into nice albums and digitize them, and so embellishments like these would be awesome! Plus I love how you can make things digitally for other uses as well.

  4. How can you pick one favorite out of all of those? But off the top of my head, I like

  5. I'd like to try some magnets with this program if I win.

  6. I really like the 12 Days of Christmas program and so many more, but for this time of year, that one caught my eye. I hope I win:-)

  7. You're really rocking that program with these great projects! I just love those little trees on the card!!

  8. I'd like to design my own notecards:) Many thanks!

  9. I love the Silver Red Christmas Photobook--several parts of this package and the colors match my daughter's dance team outfit this year!

  10. Follow everyday...enjoy seeing what you do in your spare time and dream about what I can do when I finally get some spare time!

  11. If I win...would use it to make quick pages for our camping scrapbook!

  12. I would finally organize our family pictures!


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